Organic compound found in red wine boosts the body's ability to fight drug-resistant TB

An organic compound found in grape skins can stimulate the mouse immune system to fight even the most persistent tuberculosis strains. Such immune-based therapies, commonly used to treat cancer, could be the only hope against the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, says Amit Singhal, who led the study at the A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network.

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Scientists develop a quick, cheap and portable test for diagnosing TB

A microchip-based test developed by A*STAR researchers can diagnose tuberculosis in 15 minutes. The test meets the speed, cost, accessibility and disposal standards recommended by the World Health Organization for detecting the deadly disease.

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An oral antidiabetic drug shows promise for treating tuberculosis

The drug metformin, already used in the USA to treat type 2 diabetes, also enhances the body's immune response to tuberculosis, according to A*STAR researchers.

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Anti-diabetic drug springs new hope for tuberculosis patients

SINGAPORE, Dec 17, 2014 - A more effective treatment for tuberculosis (TB) could soon be available as scientists have discovered that Metformin (MET), a drug for treating diabetes, can also be used to boost the efficacy of TB medication without inducing drug resistance.

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