New anti-tuberculosis drugs for Belarus

A workshop entitled “Preparedness for introduction of the new anti-TB drugs in the treatment regimens for multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) in Belarus” was held on 28th August 2013 at the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Pulmonology and Tuberculosis. At the workshop, which was organized by WHO with the support of USAID, participants had the opportunity to discuss the imminent emergence of new anti-TB drugs for treatment of multi drug resistant forms of tuberculosis.

The workshop was attended by WHO specialists Dr Christian Lindhardt and Dr. Dennis Falzon as well as specialists from the Ministry of Health, National TB control program, National pharmacovigilance centre and UNDP.

Forty years after the introduction of the last anti TB drug, the first new, the first of the new anti-tuberculosis drugs, “Bedaquiline”, was officially registered by the FDA / US regulatory authorities at the end of 2012. The newly registered anti-TB drug will be added to the standard treatment regimens for the MDR-TB patients. WHO has just recently published the Interim Policy Guidance “The use of bedaquiline in the treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis”.

Pilot scheme could make new drug available

One possibility for Belarus is to have access to the new anti-Tb drug under a pilot scheme for “compassionate use” of bedaquiline for patients with the severe resistance patterns to anti-TB drugs. WHO is prepared to provide technical assistance in development of the protocol of introduction of Bedaquiline in Belarus and is closely monitoring the results of the pilot.

A recent drug resistance survey in Belarus found that 32% of new TB cases were MDR-TB and 75% of those previously-treated for TB were MDR-TB.  The WHO Regional Office for Europe provides technical assistance to the Belarusian MOH and NTP with the financial support of the USAID grant “Enhancement of the STOP TB strategy in Belarus, 2010-2013”.

Source: WHO Europe

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By WHO Europe

Published: Sept. 20, 2013, 2:03 p.m.

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